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Hosted By: Scott Morganroth and Peter Wein Broadcasts: Tuesdays at 5 PM and Thursdays at 5 PM

Scott and Peter bring you Sports information- Scheduling- Interviews and Opinions

Scott ” Motor City Mad Mouth Morganroth                                                          


The WEI Network is proud to announce the addition of Scott ” Motor City Mad Mouth” Morganroth.
With over 40 years of broadcasting, he’s one of the Co-Hosts of The Sports Exchange and will be heard as a guest on other shows that broadcast for the WEI Network.
Throughout his Sports Media Career, Scott’s covered Super Bowls along with many championship events in all facets of the Sports World. 
He’s interviewed the likes of Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tom Lasorda, Barry Sanders, UCLA Coach John Wooden, Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh, Denis Potvin, Kenny Albert, John Elway, Chuck Wepner “The Real Rocky” and many other key people in Sports.
Scott is the Founder and CEO for the South Florida Tribune which will partner with The WEI Network. 
                                                                                                                       Peter Wein



Host of  Peter’s Livingroom Radio Show- Award winning show. Interviews with people of note– within the Sports, Entertainment and Political arenas. Very visible at community events as well as corporate functions. Being raised in NYC, Peter has an opinion on everything!                                                


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