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JSCO Radio Show (aka “Jon Schaefer and Other Criminals”) is a show run by comics for the political minded, and those bored out of their brain!  Jon Schaefer runs the ship, Jay Risk is the Co-Host of the show and Stefanie Howard, Skip Levine  & Tommy Dell all rotate shows as cast members keeping it fresh and fun!  Think Bill Mahr meets Jon Oliver, meets drunk David Hasselhoff.  The cast just props Jon up in front of the mic and the show rolls on!



Jon Schaefer

“Oh Captain my Captain”…More like Captain Morgan took over & Jon’s level Jedi at bad decisions, his morals being puked down the toilet and his self control actually being impulsive high-deas.  If anyone out there is thinking I’m trying way too hard to creatively write this…I’ve stretched no truth.  When Jon stumbles into the studio 4 minutes after we should’ve already be on the air, we prop Jon’s body up in front of the mic and roll on with the show (June 30th’s Episode we literally had to record the beginning last because he came in after we were already LIVE on air). Also’ Jon’s a “Comedian” (in his own mind) and he’s his number 1 biggest fan.  He’s played the West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale Improvs and is a celebrity that’s constantly seen with Mikes in his mouth on Grinder. Jon has a huge heart though.  He takes care of Autistic kids during the day as he’s licenced and certified in Florida as a Behavioral Technician for special needs Autistic Kids so…We really can’t go too hard on him. Jon’s biggest accomplishment within his career is having this show run 3 years and growing it to being syndicated LIVE on 2 Florida Networks.


Jay Risk

Jay is the “Co-Host” of the show but the show should actually be called “Jay does all the work and Jon just shows up late & wasted, without any preparation, materials, ideas or what anyone needs to help Jon do his own show.”  Jay gives the show structure, does the marketing, the graphic design, social media, websites, show formatting, brand direction, booking, live event coordinating, plays Diplomat to the rest of the professional industry (keeping Jon out of trouble and us from not getting black-listed), any audio editing and sound engineering that Peter Wein doesn’t already do…List goes on.

You can find Jay almost nightly out on the town working on new material or in front of a computer hacking away at some project that needs to get done.  He has his own radio show (and podcast) ‘Calculated Risk’ on WAVE Radio Network, iTunes and Buzzsprout.  You can check out his website www.jayrisk.com follow him on Twitter @jayriskcomedy or Facebook.  He also has a heart foundation and works extremely hard on helping other’s affected with a rare heart condition called ‘Tetralogy of Fallot’.

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