A leader in the world of Internet Entertainment and Information, The WEI Network, an Internet Radio Station, has made in roads into the global market not only through on line media but also through sponsorships and producing events throughout Florida. Known for its expanding listenership, WEI Network has been a go to location for residents and business alike. AN affordable way for businesses to reach their targeted clientele as well as an outlet that our listeners use for education, information and referrals to businesses in their area. With shows about entertainment, Kids Issues, Musical education, Health and legal topics, there are shows that attract listeners to multiple topics. Our average listener stays with programming more than 2x longer than typical terrestrial radio.

With the increase in mobile and wireless internet access, the availability of Internet radio has skyrocketed. With that, WEI Network is in the forefront of this emerging marketplace.

Please contact us through the web site with any questions or inquiries on how you could be part of the WEI Network family of advertisers and show hosts .

Thank you for listening to the Internet Radio’s  WEI  Network.