Voice of the People

Hosted By: Harriet Lerman Broadcasts: Tu-2pm


Harriet Lerman brings her outspoken ways to WEI Network. Interviews with policy makers from around the state as well her opinion and advice to those who seek election, policies that affect us all. Don’t miss on her knack for breaking the news the corrupt hope she’ll never find out about.

You don’t want to miss this show onTuesday’s at 2 pm


Harriet Lerman

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As a Producer of a Progressive Talk Show and Host for over 16 years. The Show is called “Voice of the People”. One day a week on Tuesday at 2 PM EDT. I have been on three different radio stations, and one TV Station doing a talk shows Called” People Talk” for many years as the producer and moderator. As a former State Legislator for 10 years and have been involved in Politics To many years to mention. Working on Presidential, Congressional , Legislative campaigns and a campaign manager. My present show is a progressive talk show where I do research and fact check issues, write and produce with guests from all over the World and the Nation . .I give you the news that you do not always hear on the national media. That is what the people love about the show. Where we are up close and personal. So tune in on Tuesday at 2 PM EDT to the Voice of the People .

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