The Hemp Show

Hosted By: The Comedian Hemp Broadcasts: Specials

Hemp’s show will encompass a little of everything and a lot of nothing. Obscure music, rare comedy recordings and live improv comedy. Maybe you remember it and maybe not, so bring back memories or open your eyes for the first time with The Hemp Show.
Hemp was born in the 50’s and had his mind opened in the 60’s. In August of ’69 he attended the Woodstock Music and Arts Exposition and never went home.

Over the past 6 years Hemp has been honored to share the stage with some comedy legends such as Tommy and Shelby Chong, Rodney Carrington, Lenny Schultz, Derek Richards, Craig Carmean and Dexter Angry along with many others.

He has appeared onstage at the Improv Comedy Clubs from Miami FL to Louisville KY. He has also appeared at the Rum Shack, Fosters, Portofino’s, South Shores, Igots, The Funky Buddah, The Cottage and hundreds of other venues from Miamito Orlando.

Hemp is also a member of the L-Dub Players, an improv comedy troupe as well as a panel regular monthly on the Peter’s Livingroom Radio Show. He performs ensemble often onstage anywhere he can.